Menya Jiro Ramen Now has a Permanent Home in NYC

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Menya Jiro Ramen Now has a Permanent Home in NYC
Menya Jiro quickly rose to popularity in Japan by participating in various ramen events and festivals. The restaurant’s ramen was praised by locals and even won some awards on popular television programs in Japan.

Then, after winning last year’s Japan Fes in NYC with it’s phenomenal ramen, Menya Jiro was able to open pop-up restaurants earlier this year. One in February by partnering with Stirling Sake, and another in March partnering with Ramen Lab.

Having experienced success with both, Menya Jiro now has a restaurant of its own in NYC, which shares a dining space with BentOn Cafe. The restaurant is located in the Financial District at 123 William Street. New York already has ramen spots that serve up shoyu, miso, and tonkotsu style of ramen, but Menya Jiro is the first to offer Kagoshima style.

What’s the difference? Well, shoyu style is soy sauce based, miso is a fermented bean paste base, and tonkotsu is made with a pork bone broth. Kagoshima, however, is a mix of tonkotsu pork broth with chicken stock.

If you’re a big fan of ramen, Menya Jiro needs a spot on your NYC eats bucket list.

Featured image source [Instagram/Menya Jiro]

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