Face Mask Vending Machines Have Now Expanded To Columbus Circle

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Face Mask Vending Machines Have Now Expanded To Columbus Circle

Since face masks are now required in NYC when out in public, and probably will be for the near future, face mask “vending machines” have been popping up across the city.

RapidMask2Go.com first installed a wall of them on the Lowest East Side at 156 Delancey Street, and also added one to Coney Island at 3015 Stillwell Ave over Memorial Day Weekend. Now, they have opened one in the underground market at the Columbus Circle subway station. The machines sell KN95 face masks for $3 each.

Here’s a peek of the machines in action:

The Columbus Circle and Lower East Side machines are accessible 24/7, while the Coney Island machine is open from 8am-10pm every day. They accept credit cards, cash and contactless pay (like Google Pay), and you can buy individual masks, or a pack of three, five or 10.

KN95 masks are “regulated by the Chinese government” and “are almost identical in performance to N95 masks,” The New York Times previously reported. The website for Rapid Mask 2 Go state they are for “personal/general use.”

Don’t forget, the city is also giving out free coverings at NYC parks and other public areas.

featured image source: Courtesy RapidMask2Go.com

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