Emma Watson’s Floating Head Will Give You Advice For $2

Fernando Fernando

Emma Watson’s Floating Head Will Give You Advice For $2

Remember those disembodied talking heads in Futurama? Here’s a quick reminder in case you forgot…


Well, Emma Watson’s floating head has been giving advice to New Yorkers for just 2 bucks per nugget of wisdom. What kind of Hogwarts’ wizardry is at play here? The name of the spell is Ipadtamus Facetime. Yeah, it was just an Ipad on a table.

Just Emma Watson giving life advice in grand central station

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The Harry Potter princess, and now prestigious UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, was asking for 2 dollars for charity in exchange for an emotional boost. It’s not everyday you get to recieve advice from a world class actress and cultural icon, so New Yorkers pounced on the chance. We hope Emma raised plenty of moolah for her charity, and that in the future, we will get a real floating Emma Watson floating head.

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