Don’t Worry New Yorkers, Liquor Stores Have Been Deemed ‘Essential’

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Don’t Worry New Yorkers, Liquor Stores Have Been Deemed ‘Essential’

When Governor Cuomo announced his new executive order stating that all non-essential businesses would be closed starting this weekend, many New Yorkers were wondering just what “essential” meant.

And though his department will still be issuing a full list (we’re hoping for laundromats too!), one thing has been clarified: liquor stores will remain open!

Though of course grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. were known as essentials, many weren’t sure where liquor stores would fall.

But the New York State Liquor Authority clarified, saying, “Under the Governor’s direction, the manufacture, distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages are deemed essential, thus not subject to the Governor’s ordered workforce reductions.”

We really needed a win like this.

Restaurants offering takeout and delivery will also remain functioning (and don’t forget, you can get take-out cocktails too!).

This is the same order in which he announced a new PAUSE for New York policy, which means:

  • Everyone must remain indoors to the greatest extent to protect physical and mental health.
  • Non-essential gatherings of individuals of ANY size for ANY reason are cancelled at this time.
  • You may go outside only for essentials like groceries and medicine.
  • You can exercise and walk pets, but it must be solitary.

The executive order will go into effect Sunday evening, March 22. No individual civil fines will be given out at this time, but it is a mandatory order (though businesses not complying will be fined or even forced to close).

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