Don’t Miss the 50th-Birthday Party for the Astor Place Cube

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Don’t Miss the 50th-Birthday Party for the Astor Place Cube

New York City’s favorite cube, The Alamo at Astor Place, is celebrating its 50th birthday soon, and they’re going large with a birthday party that will be remembered for the next half-century.

It’s difficult to explain the love New Yorkers have for The Alamo, or the Astor Place Cube, as it’s more commonly known.  It’s at once at home and alien in its environment, it almost embodies how many of us feel about being a New Yorker.

It’s had a girlfriend:

It’s been covered in wool:

It’s been pranked:

…and imitated

…but it has endured… for half a century! Perhaps THAT is why we love it so much. What better way to celebrate the birthday of this New York City icon than with a sweet NYC Birthday Bash?

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Here’s what you expect to see at this 50th birthday bash:

Creativity Cubed; Mini-Spinning Cube Making

Learn how to build your own mini-spinning Alamo Cube. With images of famous buildings, places and face’s you’ll create your very own spinning chronicle of East Village life.

Fifty Continuous Minutes of Spinning the Alamo Sculpture in Support of GO Project!

An attempt at a world record by keeping the “Cube” spinning for fifty continuous minutes to raise money for GO Project, a charity that is also celebrating it’s 50th. Decide how long you think you can spin the Cube for on your own, then decide how much you want to raise or donate, then spin.

Astor Place & Alamo Sculpture History Talks

The cube was the first ever piece of public art in New York City and was only supposed to be on display for six months. Find out more about the pieces history, and the story behind Astor Place, in one of three fifteen-minute tours.


It wouldn’t be a birthday without a little music. There will be a choir and orchestra from one of Astor Place’s local schools.

Cube Origami

Learn how to fold your own cute little cube out of paper.

Memory & Story Sharing

People will be sharing their memories of the cube and Astor Place that will then be collected into a compendium of Astor Place memories and stories.

…and of course Birthday Cake

It’s a birthday party cake is a “must.”

The event, dubbed Happy Birthday, Alamo!” kicks off on November 1 from 11 am to 3 pm. Enjoy!

Featured image source [Phillip Ritz]