Dominique Ansel is Back at it With These Adorable Easter Treats!

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Dominique Ansel is Back at it With These Adorable Easter Treats!
This year, forget the traditional treats of marshmallow Peeps, or the basic Cadbury Creme Egg. Dominique Ansel is doing what he does best, and recreating classic treats into something much more special. For Easter, the bakery is bringing back their famous Peep-a-Boo’s.

These cute little treats come as a pack of six hatching chicks with a yellow marshmallow face popping out of a real egg shell. As you peel away the white outer shell you’ll see a much tastier chocolate shell below the surface. Inside the dark chocolate egg you’ll bite into more of the honey marshmallow chick and a salted caramel center.

However, these aren’t the only Easter goodies Dominique Ansel is whipping up for the holiday. You can also pick up Peter (or Cottontail or Oscar), the bakery’s Easter Bunny Egg made with milk-, white-, or golden milk chocolate (respectively), and filled with mini white chocolate truffle eggs, standing on shredded coconut “grass”.

From now through April 1 you can pick up these adorable Easter treats from Dominique Ansel’s two NYC locations (in SoHo and West Village). You can also preorder them online from dominiqueansel.com for a SoHo pick-up, or from dominiqueanselkitchen.com for West Village pick-up.

featured image source: Instagram / Dominique Ansel

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