A Dessert Shop Serving Only Mochi Ice Cream Opens In Soho Tomorrow

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A Dessert Shop Serving Only Mochi Ice Cream Opens In Soho Tomorrow

There’s a shop dedicated to almost every dessert in NYC—doughnuts, cupcakes, pies—but never for the Japanese sweet rice dessert mochi. Until now, that is!

Mochidoki, which you could previously order mochi ice cream from online, is opening tomorrow, Thursday March 12 in Soho.

Mochi is “a rice cake molded from steamed mochigome, a short-grained glutinous rice commonly found in east Asia,” their website explains. “The cooked rice is kneaded to form a dough that can be reshaped for various uses both savory and sweet. Sugar is added for a subtle sweetness that accentuates the delicate flavor of rice.”

Then comes the ice cream. Mochidoki uses the highest-quality ingredients like hazelnuts from the Piedmont region in Italy, ceremonial grade matcha from Japan, and semi-sweet chocolate from Zurich to make the creamy deliciousness that is wrapped in a thin layer of mochi.

And Mochidoki likes to shake things up with their flavors! They have a menu with choices like ube, matcha latte, peanut butter & jelly, passionfruit, and birthday cake, and of course, each is beautifully and artfully decorated.

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