Governor Cuomo Shares The Thousands Of Masks & Letters Sent By Americans Who Want To Help NY

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Governor Cuomo Shares The Thousands Of Masks & Letters Sent By Americans Who Want To Help NY

In his recent press conferences, Governor Cuomo has been highlighting how the rest of the country has been so willing to help New York in its time of need.

From acknowledges the 95,000 medical volunteers who traveled to NYC to the Kansas farmer who donated his one spare mask, he’s been making a point to share the stories of a caring America. And today (April 29), he did that again, in the most visual way yet.

“The American instinct is to help each other in crisis,” he said. “The American instinct is to be good neighbors. The American instinct is the farmer who sent the one mask to help a New Yorker, when he only had five masks and a wife with one lung and underlying illness.

“Think about that generosity, that charity, that spirit. That’s America. Why? because we’re good neighbors, because we care about each other.”

He then unveiled an enormous collage of the masks and letters his office has received from people all over the country who wanted to help New York during crisis. He called it a “self-portrait” of America and that it “spells love.”

“We received thousands of masks from all across America: unsolicited, in the mail, homemade, creative, personal, with beautiful notes from all across the country, literally,” he said. “Just saying ‘we’re thinking about you,’ ‘we care,’ ‘we love you,’ ‘we want to help you.'”

“This is what this country is about, this is what Americans are about.”

You can take a closer look below. He revealed the piece and shared the stories while speaking about the current bipartisanship in American politics.

And also, noted on Twitter that they will “find good homes for the masks.”

featured image source: Video Screenshot, from Press Conference.

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