This Is What The Cost Of An NYC Apartment Can Buy You Elsewhere

Fernando Fernando

This Is What The Cost Of An NYC Apartment Can Buy You Elsewhere

Living in New York City is expensive. Now, we are sure that’s not news to any of you. But just how expensive is living in NYC? We’ve looked up some apartments in our beloved city, and compared them with the beautiful upstate city of Buffalo. Be warned: after reading this list, you might cry, and promptly move to Buffalo. Which is great really, Buffalo is really beautiful. But without further ado, let’s get on with the list shall we.

For around $600
In Buffalo:


-2 beds, 1 bath, and even some stairs to make a regal entrance every time you come home.

– Lovely “traditional” house that screams “I am a functional member of society”

– You can even bring a dog! WOOF!


-1 room, bathroom kitchen and bathroom shared with possible psychopaths

-Lack of windows makes it ideal for holing out until police give up looking for psychopath roommates.

– Messy decor hearkens back to your teenage angst

For $700

– 2 beds, 1 bath, and you get to live in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood

– Trees that personally filter the air your breath

– What is that gap between cars? is that called…parking space?

New York City:

large (2)
-Closet is small because let’s face it, you can only afford to buy socks

– Comes complete with what appears to be a large wheel of cheese

– Hardwood floors for a Hard knock life

For $800

-Congrats baby, if you own this house, call the haters and tell em you made it.

-2 bedrooms and 1 bath and plenty of space to frolic

– Nice little garden to look at and everything

New York City:

– It’s just a room for rent, but the misery is yours to own

– Conveniently placed stove. Right in the corner where you belong.

– Nice sepia tones on everything to keep you cheery

For $1000
In Buffalo

– 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and 16,000 Sq. Ft. of space so you and Elon Musk can hang out.

-Tired of the yellow paint on your house? Just look up and admire the hazelnut tones of the second floor. It’s like having 2 houses.

– As soon as you move in, your real state agent hands you the keys, a happy family, and the lifestyle of your dreams.


large (1)
– OK this is very nice, but a single room for 1000 bucks?

– Just picture having guests over and giving them a tour: “Over here is the right corner, and if you look to the left you’ll see the left corner of my room”

-Terrible, just terrible

For $1200

-Show ’em your affluence by lighting a fire in your living room: fireplace all day.

– Rooms, rooms, rooms, space!

–  Looks like a good place to meet with the Illuminati.

 New York City:

large (3)

-We shit you not, this is what you get in NY when you shell out over 1000 bucks a month.

– Perfect if you are an artist that already made it

– Sweet little radiator with a scent of asbestos.



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