Where To Find All Of NYC’s Cooling Centers

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Where To Find All Of NYC’s Cooling Centers

Real feel is 104° today, so you know New Yorkers are looking to cool down…fast.

Luckily, there are some city-approved ways for staying safe and cool (yes, even jumping in the fountains!).

When NYC goes through a heatwave, the city opens “cooling centers,” air-conditioned locations where the public can find some respite from the high temperatures & humidity. They can be anywhere from libraries to senior centers to school buildings to community centers.

You can find the full map on the “Cooling Center Finder” online here, just simply type where you are and it will find the closest one to you:

You can also filter the search by “Accessible Only” if needed. The site changes daily based on open hours, so be sure to check it before you head to one.

Some other ways ways to beat the heat?

Or, it’ll always be cooler near the water, so head to one of NYC’s lovely waterfront parks!

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