A Massive Concrete Wall May Be Built Next To The High Line That Would Block Eastern Views

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

A Massive Concrete Wall May Be Built Next To The High Line That Would Block Eastern Views

Hudson Yards came in with a bang last spring with shopping, restaurants, the climbable art structure The Vessel and more.

Now, phase two of the project, called the “Western Yard,” is said to involve building a 720 foot-long, 20 foot-high concrete wall right next to the High Line Park.

In a newsletter sent to High Line subscribers, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Park, Robert Hammond, shared that the potential wall would block views to the east and “create a negative condition at our most dramatic riverfront viewpoint.”

He also states that it will cast that part of the park in shade and amplify noise from the West Side Highway.

He cites this New York Times article which explores the proposal further. The articles explains that new high-end office and residential buildings (and a pubic school) will be constructed in the remaining space of old train tracks between 11th and 12th Avenues from West 30th to 33rd St. It would be bordered by the High Line on the south and west sides.

Reportedly, the original plan for the space from Related Companies also involved green space that would help transition the High Line into Hudson Yards more organically, but the news of the potential wall involves a parking garage instead.

Everything is still in preliminary stages and nothing is officially announced or set in stone (or should we say, concrete), but you can stay up to date on the issue and find out how to get involved on the High Line website here.

featured image source: Facebook / The High Line, Credit to Timothy Schenck 

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