City Winery’s Massive New Flagship Opens On The Pier 57 Waterfront This Thursday

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City Winery’s Massive New Flagship Opens On The Pier 57 Waterfront This Thursday

Last year, City Winery signed a 25-year lease in Hudson River Park and opening day for the winery’s flagship location is quickly approaching.

City Winery is in the process of opening their massive new venue on Pier 57’s waterfront after Disney bought out their old SoHo space at 155 Varick Street. The new location for the winery is expected to be shared with Google, but will take up a whopping 32,000-square-feet that once housed the Marine and Aviation Pier.

The new flagship space will open this week, on Thursday, Oct. 15 for both indoor and outdoor dining. Because it is such a huge space, that includes 200 seats indoors and 70 outdoors.

City Winery

According to their press release, City Winery’s new home will have plenty of amenities including two performance venues, a 300-seat concert hall (which can be used once live music is allowed again in NYC), a mezzanine and loft space that fits 200 (which can be used for events of up to 50 currently), and a large restaurant space that’ll feature a pizza bar, coffee roasting station, and two full-service bars. All of this, of course, in addition to their fully functioning winery.

City Winery

Their wine facility and barrel storage will be visible from the entrance, and the restaurant will offer gorgeous views of the Hudson River along with Barry Diller floating’s park “Little Island” that is currently being built right next door.

City Winery

Eventually, there will also be tasting bar guests can enjoy that’ll feature over 12 wines straight from the keg.

There are still over a dozen locally-produced wines on tap and an extremely ambitious wine list with over 1,200 bottles from 20 different countries.

City Winery

Michael Dorf, who founded City Winery in 2008, said in a statement: “I launched the City Winery brand in a major economic downturn and now I am launching our new flagship during a global pandemic. No matter what happens in the world, City Winery will remain a place for people to come and enjoy the small pleasures in life like food, wine, music, and community. I am looking forward to opening our greatest version of City Winery ever, in my home New York City. The goal is to give my neighbors a much-needed feeling of normalcy and offer a safe dining experience where we can escape, even if just for a night. You never know who may just jump on stage and start playing!”

City Winery

Once open, the winery will have an entrance at West 15th Street (near Chelsea Market and the Whitney Museum) and will be open daily.

Reservations are now open for both indoor and outdoor dining, which you can make on their website here.

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