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The Chrysler Building Is Getting An Observation Deck With Incredible Views Of NYC

By Claire Leaden

The Chrysler Building Is Getting An Observation Deck With Incredible Views Of NYC

We love a good observation deck here in NYC.

What better way is there to get an unobstructed view of this beautiful city? The Empire State Building, the Top of the Rock, and the brand-new Edge in Hudson Yards are definitely on must-visit lists, and now historical art deco landmark The Chrysler Building is joining the ranks.

In a Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing on May 20, as realty website 6sqft first reported, the building’s new owners proposed a plan that involves restoring outdoor space to create an observation deck on the 61st and 62nd floors of the 1928 building. As you can see from the below photos, it won’t be located at the very tippy top, but pretty close!

They would redo terrace flooring, add tall glass panels for lookout points, and add doors so people could access the deck from the building.

RFR | Gensler Proposal

If you’re worried about it ruining the building’s facade, which is an iconic part of the Manhattan skyline, the design company said people would “barely” be able to see the panels from the street.


The project also involves adding restaurant space to mimic the “Cloud Club” that used to sit on its 66th and 68th floors in the 1930s.

The beautiful building was bought by RFR Realty for a mere $151 million last year (it was last bought in 2008 for $800 million), and the new owner has lots of plans to return the building to its former glory.

featured image source: Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash