Amsterdam Just Got A Chocolate-Themed Bar With Free-Flowing Chocolate Taps

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Amsterdam Just Got A Chocolate-Themed Bar With Free-Flowing Chocolate Taps

A bar filled with all things chocolate has arrived in Amsterdam.

Thanks to Tony’s Chocolonely, we have a sudden burning desire to move to the Netherlands. This brand new chocolate paradise is the perfect warm-up for the incoming Tony’s Chocolonely Willy Wonka-style factory set to hit Amsterdam in 2024. Soon, the city won’t be able to move for amazing chocolate experiences.

Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Bar sits in the Beurs van Berlage. It’s a world where everything revolves around—you guessed it—chocolate, and visitors will learn all about Tony’s Chocolonely’s mission. Tony’s Chocolonely is the biggest chocolate brand in the Netherlands and aims to make the chocolate business 100% slavery-free through ethical practice.

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The chocolate bar experience will host a number of drool-worthy features. Sweet-toothed visitors will be weak at their knees. From flowing chocolate taps and chocolate burgers to personalized cakes and bubble waffles. You’ll walk out with full bellies and in the knowledge you consumed completely ethical chocolate. Chocolate at this bar all comes from fully traceable cocoa beans from West Africa!

Tony’s Chocolonely not only plans to bathe you in a world of chocolate, but also wishes to educate customers on the illegal practices that plague the cocoa industry. They wish to end modern slavery and illegal child labour on cocoa plantations for good.

Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Bar is open now. 

Featured image: © Presstigieux

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