See The ‘Finale’ Of Cherry Blossom Season At The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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See The ‘Finale’ Of Cherry Blossom Season At The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

What says spring better than flowers in bloom? Even though the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is closed (as all non-essential businesses are), the cherries are still blooming!

According to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s “Cherry Tracker,” most of the cherry blossoms are now in full or post-peak bloom. Though you can’t visit, you can still keep track via the garden’s website, which is updated daily, and experience nature’s beauty virtually through gorgeous photos and videos.

This breathtaking video especially caught our eye this weekend, showcasing a walk through the Cherry Esplanade and Cherry Walk in full bloom.

You can see the video in its entirety on their website here.

The Cherry Esplanade and Cherry Walk feature more than 120 flowering cherry blossom trees, and most are the double blossoms of the Prunus ‘Kanzan’ trees that are usually the last to bloom. That’s why this is a bit of a ‘finale act’ for the blossoms!

Facebook / Minnie A Paulino via Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Though this the end of the bloom season, there isn’t a set time when they all reach their peak. According to BBG, “No one tree remains in flower for more than a week, and there is no moment when all are blooming at once.”

The online “Cherry Watch” will show you exactly which areas of the garden are in “prebloom, “first bloom,” “peak bloom,” and “post-peak bloom.” Then, you’re able to click on each tree and see what type of cherry it is, from the white Prunus ‘Accolade’ to the bright pink Prunus subhirtella ‘Pendula’. 

Facebook / Brooklyn Botanic Garden

You can also take an older virtual tour of the Cherry Esplanade and Cherry Walk here, as well as a virtual tour of the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden.

Facebook / Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Featured image: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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