You Can Finally Apply to Work at NYC’s First Dog Cafe!

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

You Can Finally Apply to Work at NYC’s First Dog Cafe!
A few months ago we reported that NYC was about to get its first puppy Café in the East Village, and the time has finally come. The new cafe, called Boris and Horton, is officially hiring!

The cafe was named after two pups, Boris 

and Horton.

We recently came across a “We are hiring!” sign on one of the building’s windows and it was incredibly exciting. Although the sign only gave an email to reach out to (Melissa@borisandhorton.com), as they mention above, they are hiring “coffee bar and dog side” staff.

As we previously reported:

“The café will be divided in two by a glass wall, the cafe side (formerly OST) is where you go for your bites and drinks, and the other side (formerly Raclette) is the dog-friendly lounge. There you can leave your doggo with a member of staff if you need to use the services, and s/he can get all the belly rubs on offer.”

You will also be able to buy pet supplies at Boris and Horton while you’re there. A drawing of what the anticipated space will look like is featured below:

Facebook / Boris and Horton
Facebook / Boris and Horton

The cafe is slated to open sometime this month, and we absolutely can’t wait!

Featured image source: Facebook / Boris and Horton

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