NYC is About to get its First Puppy Café in the East Village

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NYC is About to get its First Puppy Café in the East Village

A new café in the East Village is set to be New York City’s very first dog café. You’ll be able to enjoy a coffee, or wine with your furry friend, shop for dog goodies, even get hooked up with doggos looking for a forever home. 

One of the toughest things about being a dog owner is not being able to take them into places when you want to grab a drink or a bite. Your only options are either to leave your pupper at home or do without. The city has had cat cafes for a while now… imagine there was the same kind of thing, but for dog people. Well, now there is.

A new dog-friendly cafe will be taking over Ost Cafe space in the East Village. Unlike the city’s cat cafes, with cats brought in with the hopes of being adopted, this cafe is for you to enjoy with your best canine pal. You’ll go there to hang out with your dog, or, if you are dogless, you go and hang out with other peoples.

But how do they get away with the health regulations? The café will be divided in two by a glass wall, the cafe side (formerly OST) is where you go for your bites and drinks, and the other side (formerly Raclette) is the dog-friendly lounge. There you can leave your doggo with a member of staff if you need to use the services, and s/he can get all the belly rubs on offer.

If you don’t have a dog of your own, but love to be surrounded by the waggy tails and happy pups, then you can hang out in the lounge area guilt free. The bar has even partnered with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue who will take over the space for dog adoption events on weekends.

The café is set to open in December at East 12th Street and Avenue A. We’ll keep you posted.

Featured image source [Pexels]

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