Brooklyn Botanic Garden Is Offering Pay-As-You-Wish Admission All Winter

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden Is Offering Pay-As-You-Wish Admission All Winter

When it comes to looking for winter activities you may not immediately think of exploring the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but you should definitely reconsider!

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is offering pay-as-you-wish admission on weekdays to all visitors throughout the winter.

While full price ticket purchases will still be necessary on weekends (at $18/each) you can enjoy the wintry grounds for whatever cost you’d like from Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.!

They also have free community tickets available every day, up to 20% of their total capacity for the day, for individuals facing financial hardship. Advance tickets are still required for all options for COVID-19 safety, and you can reserve them on their website here.

While you may not think there would be much to see during the winter, you’re mistaken. Enjoy winter nature walks you can take with “naturalist Bradley Klein and look for birds, mammals, and insects that remain active in winter, and observe clues hinting at life sleeping through the season.”

Or, simply take yourself on a tour to discover what plant life is thriving at this time of year, including artfully pruned evergreen trees, witch-hazel and hellebore flowers, crabapples, hollies, and more!

Pay-as-you-wish winter admission will run through the end of February.

Featured image source: Photo by Kathleen McClintock via Brooklyn Botanic Garden Facebook

Don’t forget, the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx also makes for a perfect winter visit!

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