Make Yourself This Delicious Boozy Version Of Whipped Coffee

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This boozy recipe has just made this a trend worth trying—plus it’s super easy to make!

Whipped coffee or “Dalgona coffee” is a lockdown trend worth dipping into, at least now that Baileys has entered the picture. The sweet, fluffy delight is the dollop of happiness that everyone in isolation deserves right now.

The hype seems to have originated in South Korea after actor Jung Il-woo had discovered the drink on a trip to Macau. Its foamy top resembled the spongey Dalgona candy and was dubbed Macau Dalgona coffee. It became a lockdown sensation thanks to TikTok accounts like @imhannahcho, where her tutorial has amassed around 2 million views. While the whipped delight looks like something crafted by your local coffee shop, its appeal lies in the simplicity and use of neglected ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.

To make the standard TikTok version you take instant coffee, sugar, warm water and whip it up until your arm goes numb, then you add it to a glass of hot or cold milk. Until this happened.

Peanut Butter and Fitness came along and created a version that instantly claimed the throne with the addition of two crucial elements. Vodka and Baileys.

And if that wasn’t enough, Jessica Hirsch followed that up with a version featuring Bailys Red Velvet. Both, of course, have been adopted as the brand’s own.

If you’re out of coffee and booze (or just a Nesquik junkie) then you can try this whipped strawberry milk version by Valentina Mussi—which looks like pure heaven! You’ll only need 1 tbsp of Strawberry Nesquik and 4 tbsp of heavy whipping cream, some milk and ice.

Enjoy responsibly (we’re talking about the Nesquick).

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