Bonsai Kakigōri Will Open A Permanent Shop In The Lower East Side This Weekend

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Bonsai Kakigōri Will Open A Permanent Shop In The Lower East Side This Weekend
Until now, you could only find the Bosai Kakigōri desserts at Smorgasburg and the Canal Street Market. 

As of this weekend, however, the shaved ice desserts will have a permanent home at 100 Stanton Street. Bonsai Kakigōri’s main dish is a traditional Japanese treat that dates back to the 11th century. As Secret NYC has mentioned before: Kakigōri is made by carving a block of pure ice using a special machine, and adding toppings to create different flavors like strawberry or mango.  

Brought to NYC by founders Gaston Becherano and Theo Friedman only a year or so ago, this tower of shaved ice with flavoring became an instant summer hit. We imagine their stand alone shop will have the same success, especially with warmer days still approaching. The shop will open this Saturday, April 27 on the Lower East Side with a a special grand opening kick off. The first 50 guests at the store will get an exclusive grand opening kakigōri flavor for free. 

As at their Canal Street Market location, the classic menu at the new outpost will include strawberries and cream, coconut lime crunch, and match mountain while their seasonal menu will include mango and ginger, key lime pie, and espresso peanut. 

Where: 100 Stanton Street

When: Opening Saturday, April 27

featured image source: Instagram / @bonsaikakigori 

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