10 Best Ice-Creams In NYC Now The Summer Has Officially Arrived

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Best Ice Creams In NYC

The summer is officially here!! We’re just waiting for the good weather to follow… But once it starts to warm up, I bet that more than just one of you will be thinking about getting some ice-cream on their way home from work or during the summers hot weekends. Well, NYC is known for having the most strange and tasty foods, it’s no different for our selection of ice-creams.

Get a bit fancier a go grab some of these amazing ice-creams:

1. Victory Garden’s Ice Cream

Best Ice Creams In NYC
Inspired by a healthy Mediterranean diet, using fresh goats milk, natural flavorings, and sourced from local dairy farms. It’s the ice-cream you eat to feel good about yourself and the planet.

31 Carmine Street, NY 10014

2. ChikaLicious Dessert Club

Best Ice Creams In NYC
This ice-cream is to convert people who don’t like the taste of traditional wafer ice-cream cones. A churro cone! What an excellent idea!

203 E 10th St, NY 10003

3. Pop-Bar

Best Ice Creams In NYC
The concept of this ice-cream shop is pretty awesome and simple at the same time: handcrafted gelato on a stick made with all natural ingredients.

5 Carmine St, NY 10014

4. I-CE-NY

Best Ice Creams In NYC
The technique was first developed in Thailand, rolled ice cream or smashed ice cream was then introduced to the world under the brand “I-TIM-PAD” (or ไอติมผัด in Thai). Now it’s finally in NYC.

101 Macdougal St, NY 10012

5. KITH Treats

Best Ice Creams In NYC
[Kith Treats]
This is the ultimate fantasy for cereal fans. You can choose your favorite cereal along with other toppings combined with ice cream. It’s up to you to make a delicious cocktail or… Not!

233 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

6. Big Gay Ice Cream

Best Ice Creams In NYC
[Warby Parker]
Famous for their Salty Pimp, they also offer you crazy combinations of vanilla ice cream and mind-blowing toppings. Big Gay Ice Cream has been referred to as one of “New York’s ice cream powerhouses.”

125 E 7th St, NY 10009 AND 61 Grove St, NY 10014

7. Holey Cream

Best Ice Creams In NYC
[The New Potato]
Again, for those who don’t like ice-cream cones (OR churros)… you should like this: choose your donut, your ice-cream and your toppings.

796 9th Ave, NY 10019

8. Eggloo

Best Ice Creams In NYC
When you saw this picture I bet you said to yourself: “WTF is this?!” Well, this is freaking good! It’s a huge ice-cream with colorful toppings served in a Hong Kong style egg waffle.

 60 Mulberry St, NY 10013

9. Chloe’s Soft Serve

Best Ice Creams In NYC
Chloe’s is probably the place I would go if I’d like to have an ice-cream without compromising all the effort you made in the gym this year. They offer amazing flavor using only fruit, water and a touch of organic cane sugar.

25 E 17th St, NY 10003

10. Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Best Ice Creams In NYC
[Grub Street]
Fine-ice-cream. That’s how we could qualify the products of Dominique Ansel Kitchen. Ice-creams are homemade from fresh milk and their cones too. The whole thing is a minimalist masterpiece. Prices are high though, depending on the flourishes.

137 7th Ave S, NY 10014

Featured Image: Popshion

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