15 Best Coffee Shops In NYC For A Heavenly Cup Of Joe

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15 Best Coffee Shops In NYC For A Heavenly Cup Of Joe

Throw a pebble from your doorstep and you’ll likely hit a coffee shop.

With so many to choose from in New York, it can take you a while before you find one you truly enjoy. Sure, you can go the safe route and stop into a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts on the way to work (guilty), but there are plenty of others worth trying nearby!

If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee in NYC, here are 15 of the best coffee shops you should check out:

1. Astoria Coffee, Queens

Facebook / Astoria Coffee

A local coffee shop with a friendly staff, Astoria Coffee is perfect for a quick pick-me-up. Before you take it to go, enjoy the natural light that floods the shop through their large windows.

Where: 30-04 30th St, Astoria

2. Intelligentsia, Chelsea

Facebook / Intelligentsia Coffee

For a quality cup of coffee you can count on the coffee chat Intelligentsia. In NYC, however, the company only has one location—the Highline Hotel in Chelsea.

Where: 180 10th Ave, at Highline Hotel

3. Blue Bottle, Multiple Locations

instagram / Blue Bottle Coffee

You’ve probably been to a Blue Bottle location before since there are plenty across the city. They offer various coffees from all over the world that they’ll make in front of you at their pour-over bar.

Where: Locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn, see them here.

4. Cafe Grumpy, Multiple Locations

Instagram / Cafe Grumpy

A neighborhood cafe that began in Greenpoint, Cafe Grumpy is a great local spot for your daily cup of joe.

Where: Locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn, see them here.

5. Culture Espresso, Midtown

Instagram / @cultureespresso

If you work in the midtown area this is a perfect spot for a great cup of drip coffee, a cortado, and some freshly baked goodies.

Where: 307 West 38th St. & 72 West 38th St.

6. Devoción, Multiple Locations

Instagram / Devoción USA

Devoción is a coffee roaster that gets their beans directly from Bogota, Colombia. The shop is spacious, the prices won’t break the bank, and the espresso is delicious. Need we say more?

Where: Multiple locations, see them here

7. Everyman Espresso, Multiple Locations

instagram / Everyman Espresso

Get your caffeine fix through pour-overs, espressos, or AeroPress at Everyman Espresso.

Where: Locations in Manhattan & Park Slope, see them here

8. Ground Support, SoHo

Ground Support Cafe

A cozy coffee shop in SoHo that isn’t packed with tourists (usually). Ground Support is ideal for a quick cup to-go or a casual midday meeting.

Where: 399 West Broadway

9. Coffee Project, Multiple Locations

Instagram / Coffee Project NY

You may have had a deconstructed cocktail at some point, but have you ever had a deconstructed cup of coffee? Everything will be given to you separately and you can build your own coffee for yourself! Fancy.

Where: Multiple locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn, see them here.

10. Hi-Collar, East Village

Hi-Collar is an interesting coffee shop that’s well worth a try. It’s a small “Western-inspired Japanese cafe” that offers siphon coffee and lunch options, as well as a sake menu by night. And if you’re interested in a fluffy soufflé pancake, they were the original NYC shop to carry these tasty breakfast treats!

Where: 231 E 9 St.

11. Birch Coffee, Multiple Locations

Facebook / Birch Coffee

With a lovely warm interior design, you can count on Birch Coffee to have the perfect vibe for any occasion. It should be noted they’re a bit pricier than other shops, but the Kyoto drip iced coffee is a must-try!

Where: Locations in Manhattan & Long Island City, see them here

12. La Colombe, Multiple Locations

Facebook / La Colombe

The coffee here is so good that, although there are several locations in Manhattan, they all seem to stay quite busy! If you don’t mind waiting a line, La Colombe is definitely worth the wait.

Where: Locations in Manhattan, see them here

13. Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Greenwich Village or Flatiron

Facebook / Stumptown Coffee Roasters via @gacolmenares Instagram

If you’re in Greenwich Village or Flatiron, stop into Stumptown Coffee Roasters for your dose of caffeine. Being a hotel, the Ace Hotel location brings in all sorts of folks and is a great place to enjoy a fresh brew and possibly meet new people.

Where: Greenwich Village & Ace Hotel NY

14. Felix Roasting Co., SoHo

Felix Roasting Co. / Reagan Petrehn

Come for the coffee, stay for the beautiful interior design! Felix Roasting Co. in SoHo is known for its high-quality organic blends, in the form of everything from artful espresso drinks to coffee cocktails. But the real show-stopper is its beautiful cafe, inspired by the aesthetic movement of the late 19th century with a hand-drawn mural made up of 500 individual tiles, a bespoke patterned terrazzo floor, and much more.

Where: 104 Greene St.

15. City of Saints, East Village & Bushwick

Instagram / City of Saints Coffee

With a location in Williamsburg and one in the East Village, City of Saints is a somewhat-hidden gem when it comes to a delicious brew! They offer flavors like matcha and lavender agave lattes, but make an amazing cold brew, too. *Due to COVID-19, only their Hoboken, NJ location is open, but they hope to open their NYC spots soon!

Where: 79 E 10th St.

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