A Fridge Full Of Free Food Appeared In Brooklyn For New Yorkers In Need

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A Fridge Full Of Free Food Appeared In Brooklyn For New Yorkers In Need

This Brooklyn community is making sure food insecure New Yorkers are fed, even during a pandemic.

A street refrigerator was recently installed in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, and boasts free food for any New Yorkers in need.

It was put up by Community Solidarity, “America’s largest vegetarian hunger relief organization, cooking vegan meals and sharing groceries with over 6,000 each week.” The nonprofit also hosts free food markets on Saturdays at 3pm just down the street from where the fridge sits (133 Van Buren St.) at Von King Park.

The fridge was installed on a sidewalk outside a volunteer’s apartment after it didn’t fit in their kitchen, according to the Brooklyn Paper. It is restocked by them four to five times a day, with food donated from restaurants, organizations and individuals.

“If you know someone in need in the Brooklyn area, please let them know about this resource. Please help spread this resource on social media so others can benefit,” the organization wrote on social media.

“As we continue through this coronavirus pandemic more and more people are falling on hard times. Our lines are bigger than they’ve ever been, so to meet the growing need Community Solidarity is working on more creative solutions for getting food out to people safely. You can help by volunteering or donating at CommunitySolidarity.org.”

The fridge is located at 133 Van Buren St. in Bed-Stuy. It is 100% free and stocked with healthy groceries, available to anyone that needs it 24/7.

featured image source: Instagram / @universecitynyc

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