This HD Video Will Transport You To The Nostalgic Glory Of 1990s NYC

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This HD Video Will Transport You To The Nostalgic Glory Of 1990s NYC

You’ve seen the colorized footage from early 20th century New York, but how about traveling not quite as far back?

More recently a video capturing NYC in all its 1990s glory was shared on YouTube, and it will definitely has New Yorkers feeling nostalgic.

The video – – as first first shared by EV Grieve — follows various parts of the city and New Yorkers just living their everyday lives, 90s style. See all the suits in Midtown, to joggers in Central Park, from a ride on the Staten Island Ferry to a stroll around the East Village, and plenty of aerial shots.

The uploader notes that you can tell it’s 1993 because the advertisements in Times Square: “The Radio 501 CD that’s advertised on a billboard came out in 1993 and Paper Moon is playing at the Marquis Theater.”

Although there weren’t much many options for HD technology at that time, the user says “it’s likely that this footage was shot with a HDVS camera- perhaps a Sony SONY HDC-500 attached to a HDV-10 portable recorder which recorded on UniHi 3/4″ tape.”

The main takeaways? Some killer graffiti, many more yellow cabs, far less skyscrapers, nostalgic billboards, and some good ol’ 90s fashion sense and fabulous haircuts.

Check it out here:

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