50 Ways To Annoy A New Yorker In Five Words Or Less

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

50 Ways To Annoy A New Yorker In Five Words Or Less

Are we really as irritable as people make us out to be?


But if you read through these hilarious responses from our challenge: “annoy a New Yorker in 5 words or less,” you’d get frustrated too!!

Here are 50 of the best, and most annoying responses:

1. “Excuse me, I’m getting off here” – as the shuttle between grand central and Times Square is coming to a stop.”

2. I don’t need any words at all. I’d just walk slowly in front of one. That’s reason enough for a murderous rage.

3. “This train is going local.”


4. There’s train traffic ahead

5. “Houston” Street…pronounced “Houston”, Texas.

6. “It’s in Midtown East, between Third and Fourth.”

7. “Let’s go to Times Square“

8. “New Jersey has better pizza”

9. Walking while staring at buildings

10. Which way is Olive garden?


11. Eat pizza with a fork

12. Not the world’s best city!

13. Upstate is also New Yorker.

14. “Alternate side parking in effect”

15. “Jersey city is basically NYC”

16. “That’s so unsanitary!” In regards to the bodega cat sleeping on the Takis…Excuse you, that’s the manager


17. Pick me up at JFK?

18. “Times Square’s my favorite station”

19. Call Tappan-Zee the Mario Cuomo

20. how can you live there?

21. “Is this the blue line?”

22. “This is the last stop on this train”

23. “Due to a sick passenger”

24. “can you take our picture?”


25. What time is it?! Showtime!

26. “New York City is dead”

27. Let’s meet in Jersey

28. Because of an earlier incident…

29. Swipe again at this turnstile

30. All water tastes the same

31. When I say “the city”, and someone asks me “which city”

32. It’s not the greatest city

33. Everybody please exit the train.

34. “I love your accent” 🙄

35. There is a train ahead of us

36. “New Yorkers are so rude”


37. I could never live here.

38. *literally any five words*

39. *make eye contact & say hello*

40. This is the last stop on this train…

41. Standing left side of escalator

42. How do you get to …? [as they hold an iPhone]

43. That accent – NJ, right??

44.“I just moved from LA”

45.Chicago pizza is better.


46. The bagels are not good.

47. Jersey has better pizza

48. Avenue of the Americas.

49. Where is “Hew-Ston” St?

50. “Dominos is great pizza”

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