50 Best Answers To ‘What You Wish You Knew Before Moving To NYC’

Justine Golata Justine Golata

50 Best Answers To ‘What You Wish You Knew Before Moving To NYC’

We asked, and you guys responded!

In an attempt to further understand our followers and help anyone new to town, we begged the question: “What’s one thing you wish you had known before moving to NYC?,” and people gave some very inspiring, hilarious, and most definitely honest answers.

Check out our top picks and see the thread (on Facebook below and on Instagram here) if you need a good laugh (or want to add your own thoughts!).

1. “Walking walking and more walking!”

2. “No other city will ever be good enough”

3. “Houston St. is pronounced HOUSEton”

4. “You’ll pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to live in a place that is only big enough for one person, and then share it with three other people”


5. “It’s never boring”

6. “Summer is the pits of hell but I wouldn’t trade it for anything”

7. “Your first apartment isn’t forever, Get here, learn the city, learn where you love to be, move when you find a deal”

8. “Cockroaches are on steroids here”

9. “Always look both ways even on one way streets, you never know what bike can crash into you”

10. “You don’t actually have to buy furniture. The sidewalk will provide.”

11. “Walk fast or MOVE”

12. $5 deli sandwiches are filling $18 salads are not”


13. “Do not be afraid to put yourself out there!! New York can feel very lonely, but you can find your people if you take some initiative”

14. “That no where else would ever feel like home quite like NYC”

15. “Buffer in 15 minutes onto your commute”

16. “People are much more hungry for community than you think—say hi to someone. You’ll be shocked on who you meet!”

17. “Great people watching”

18. “Get an AC before the summer starts”

19. “That rats are the size of cats and not afraid of you”


20. “NEVER GET ON AN EMPTY SUBWAY CAR. There’s a reason it’s empty…”

21. “The cat at your local bodega is actually the store manager”

22. “It’s ‘on line’ not ‘in line'”

23. “That my life would be fabulous”


24. “It’s the worst place for dating”

25. “No matter what you wear, you will never be the worst or best dressed person you encounter on any given day”

26. “Toilet paper and cereal are mad expensive”

27. “Come to apartment showings with paperwork”

28. “The humidity”

29. “That you are making the right choice. You will meet the most interesting people and live your best cultural life”

30. “It’s beautiful and unparalleled with food and people”

31. “How much better it is to live in NYC than to visit”

31. “Living next to a subway entrance is amazing!”

32. “Black squirrels”

33. “Throw your flip flops and slides in the trash”

34. “The rent cost!!!”

35. “You’ll feel like everyone’s looking at your for awhile, but they’re not, don’t worry!”

36. “Make friends with your super, mailman and fruit guy!”

37. “How important comfy shoes are”

38. “Double check the subway seat before you sit”

39. “How much self growth I was about to have”

40. “Last minute plans are normal and encouraged”

41.”How expensive everything is”


42.”There’s always something happening”

43. “The best way to get to know the city is to ride/walk it whenever you can”

44. “Nobody has it figured out, relax”

45. “Your New York is the 10 block radius around your apartment. Choose wisely”

46. “Always know where a nearby bathroom is”

47. “An extra side of bacon costs $8”

48. “That you become a New Yorker for life overnight!”


49. “There’s no other city that can compare”

50. “That I would fall in love with city and embrace every single piece of it”

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