5 places to get drunk in NYC… on a boat!

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Real talk: How many times have you been out drinking in New York City and thought to yourself… “God dammit, why am I not on a boat?!” We feel your pain. That’s why your buddies at Secret NYC have put together this nautical list so you won’t be lost at sea next time you need to do a little boat drinking.


1. Rock the Yacht!

Rock the Yacht
All aboard the party ship! From just $25 you can get yourself access to one of Hornblower Cruises’ top nights out in NYC. Enjoy a three-hour cruise as you sip booze (premium open bar available with upgrade) and feel the wind in your hair. Feeling elegant? Wait until the seasickness sets in and come back to us.

Pier 15, South Street


2. Grand Banks

Grand Banks NYC
[The Four Hundred]
Not ready to hit the high seas/rivers? No problem; baby steps. We’ll start you out with this delightful little vessel which will stay comfortably in the port while you get your drink on (and not rocking your delicate little constitution). Now boasting a second bar brimming with cocktails, craft beer, Champagne and wine, this is the place for you if you’re partial to a tipple or two.

Pier 25, Hudson River Park


3. Spirit Cruises

Spirit of New York
[Spirit Cruises]
If you like a little grub with your boat drinking, Spirit Cruises has got you covered with a wide selection of meal offers. If it’s just the boat/drinking combo you’re after, you could try The Quiet Storm with Lenny Green for a New York moonlight dance party. Fancy!

Pier 61, Chelsea Piers


4. The Honorable William Wall

Willy Wall NYC
[Will Wall]
Affectionately known as Willy Wall, this clubhouse bar anchored in New York Harbour requires you to take a boat out to it, which will set you back $20. Unless you’re a member of the Manhattan Yacht Club, the downstairs Champagne bar is off limits to you (boo!) but the top deck is open to the public (hooray!).

WFC Ferry Terminal, Vessey Street


5. Clipper City

Clipper City Manhattan by Sail NYC
Manhattan by Sail boasts NYC’s largest tall ship – Clipper City, which offers a special cruise for Lobster and Beer Lovers. And who doesn’t love lobster and unlimited beer? Fools, that’s who! Or maybe those for whom $95 is a little steep (but c’mon, unlimited beer? You’ll get your money’s worth). There’s also a craft beer sail at a slightly less eye-watering $75. Either way, there’s a lot of beer on offer so don’t go and do something dumb you’ll regret later…

Tom Hanks on a boat
 Also, this boat made us feel the most piratey out of any of the others on the list. Yo ho!

Slip 2, Battery Park
All boats and establishments open to the public from mid-to-late April, except Willy Wall which launches mid-May .


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