10 Worst (And Best) Places To Hide During A Zombie Apocalypse In NYC

Fernando Fernando

10 Worst (And Best) Places To Hide During A Zombie Apocalypse In NYC

You’ve been around New Yorkers for a long time. You know they can be rude, especially when they are groggy on Monday morning. Now, imagine how terrifying it would be to be surrounded by grumpy, New York zombies that are hungry for brains. Truly terrifying. But fret not, we’ve compiled a list of places you should avoid, and a list of places to hole up with your Netflix account until the Zombie apocalypse goes away. Let’s take a look.

5 Places to safely binge watch all the shows on Netflix ’til the zombies go away
1. Your Local Bodega

No zombie is bold enough to mess with a Bodega cat. Plus, free unlimited food? Sign me up

2. Top of Empire State Building

Wreck the stairs to the top and proceed to take all the panoramic selfies you want. You’ll have a great crowd of zombies as your backdrop. #apocalypse

3. 18th Street Abandoned Subway Stop

No one’s there now, no reason anyone should be there when everybody is dead.

4. Liberty Island

Far away from the mainland, and only accessible by Ferry: perfect zombie hideout spot. Only problem is you might get stuck with a few annoying tourists.

5. Zoo

Train the Grizzlies to eat zombies. Take back the city.

5 Places you should definitely avoid  (AKA places to send people you don’t like)
1. Central Park

Absolutely no cover. No place to hide.  Plus, jogging zombies with better cardio than you

2. Fifth Avenue

Although you’ll probably get eaten, you can get some quality looting done

3. Grand Central Station

One of the busiest places in New York. With people coming from all over the country, this was probably ground zero. Last call for passengers boarding the sure-death train!

4. JFK Airport

Remember how we told you to avoid Grand Central? It’s like that, but a thousand times worse

5. Broadway

I know this is gonna hurt. But if you missed Hamilton before the apocalypse, tickets are still sold out after society’s collapse.


Featured image source [movieweb]

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