10 Things That Movies Get Wrong About NYC

Fernando Fernando

10 Things That Movies Get Wrong About NYC

Step into the shoes of any New Yorker and you’ll realize a day in NYC has all the elements of a blockbuster hit. There can be a bit of adventure, some drama, some action, some romance, and after the romance usually it turns into a horror flick quick.  However, there are some things about our city that movies and TV shows consistently get wrong. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 capital sins of NYC movies and the stereotypes they keep spreading.  Check out how different movie NYC is from real life NYC:

1.Fighting With Strangers Over Cabs

filmeditor halloween drive taxi elvira

Before Uber, many New Yorkers may remember hailing a taxi by raising their hand, and keeping a sharp shank in the other one.

2.   You always hang out with your wacky neighbors

friends thanksgiving sunglasses turkey matthew perry

Friends, Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld… If someone comes into my apartment spewing one-liners, I’m reaching for my taxi shank.

3. Running in high heels making a call with a latte in hand while simultaneously hailing a taxi.

It’s so busy in NYC! So busy! It’s so busy we don’t have time to think of a new stereotype to convey how BUSY NYC is!!

4. Harlem is 100% Black, no white, asian, or latino people live in Harlem

denzel washington american gangster

In the movie universe, Harlem and diversity are alien concepts.

5. You hang out on stoops!


I’m so tired of getting “LSOASAD” texts, ugh. If you are not a New Yorker that means: Let’s Sit On A Stoop All Day

6. Always getting food from a food cart

Chris Gethard fail fall suicide drop

Ha! How the 1% live… A real New Yorker eats outs of expired cans.

7. Ice skating!

 Maudit couple cary grant ice skating loretta young

No no, let’s skip the cheesiness. I’d rather hibernate in bed thank you.

8. Shady alleyways full of shadier criminals!

 movies baseball cinema bat the warriors

It’s actually pretty easy to get away, they turn to jelly beans if they leave the alleyway.

9. Thinking about the Statue of Liberty every day

The Simpsons episode 14 season 12 nyc milhouse van houten

Wait that’s actually here?!?!? what?

10. Calling it “The Big Apple”

Harlem Globetrotters what confused huh que

This is the real Turing (or rather Tourist) test.


What other NYC movie stereotypes are you tired of seeing? Are any of these true? Tell us what you think of the “Big Apple” in the comments!





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