Zagat Parody Turns NYC’s Favorite Bars into Ratty Hotspots

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Zagat Parody Turns NYC’s Favorite Bars into Ratty Hotspots
The restaurant rating system Zagat is receiving a wicked burn with a parody site created by a street installation artist in New York City. Check out some of our favorite “squeakeasies” in ZagRat”

The Zagat guide has been a benchmark of quality for diners since it was first established in 1979. Scores of people looking for a reliably good culinary experience in New York City turn to Zagat for their expert opinion. But what about the 2 million ratty-residents of our city? Where do they turn when they’re looking for a great fine dining experience? Why ZagRAT of course.

Hunter Fine, a Bushwick-based street installation artist, not only created the Zagrat website but hit the streets to actually install “sqeakeasies” around the city. Many of these tiny bars are actually named after some NYC favorites like Taphouse and Petropolis (Traphouse and Pestropolis).

In an interview with boweryboogie Fine says:

“If rats are going to take over our city, the first thing they’re going to want are some trendy speakeasies to hang out at.”

Don’t be fooled by the goofy nature of the project, the website is beautifully designed, and the “squeakeasies” wonderfully realized. Each of the Zagrat entries come with a “cheese” ranking, map to where you can find them and review. Check out some of our favorites below, along with their Zagrat Rankings:

Fivel’s Attic – 4 cheeses
Zagrat | Fievel's Attic
Zagrat | Fievel’s Attic
The Traphouse – 3.5 Cheeses
zagrat | the traphouse
Zagrat | The Traphouse
Pestropolis – 4 Cheeses
Zagrat | Pestropolis
Zagrat | Pestropolis

There are more, but we won’t spoil them for you here. Check out more on Zagrat HERE.

Featured image source [zagrat]