You Can Stream The Northern Lights Live From Your Home Every Single Night

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You Can Stream The Northern Lights Live From Your Home Every Single Night

Did you know you can watch the Aurora Borealis from literally anywhere in the world?

Many have always dreamed of seeing the northern lights up close, but it certainly won’t be happening any time soon, thanks to a certain global pandemic. But, thanks to the internet, we’ve found a compromise…

You can stream the northern lights live to your bedroom (or kitchen, Seymour Skinner style) as if it were the latest thriller on Netflix. And—added bonus—you won’t need to fork out a mortgage to see them.

Every single evening, Polar Bear International and Explore streams the sky in all its glory. If you’ve picked a good night, you’ll catch nature’s stunning light show live from Churchill, Manitoba in Canada. The cam is located directly underneath the aurora oval, which is one of the best places in the world to admire the northern lights. And the very best part? You can do so without trudging through the arctic conditions. Instead, camp out from your sofa with a nice, warm cup of tea.

If you want a real show, tune into the Aurora Borealis and treat yourself to a cheap thrill. Late winter/early spring is the best time of year to catch the lights, so you should be pretty lucky around now.

You can watch the live stream here:

This stream has been running for the last eight years, but has seen an influx of viewers since the start of pandemic. Unsurprisingly really, since it’s the perfect way to get a taste of nature’s beauty while cooped up indoors. The camera is placed in northern Manitoba, where the Churchill Northern Studies Centre sits. Tune in at night to follow its path.

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