NYC Pride 2017 March will be Televised live for the First Time Ever

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NYC Pride 2017 March will be Televised live for the First Time Ever
Following the two million strong Gay Pride March in 2016, for the first time, this year’s March will be televised! Here’s everything you need to know. When two million people descended on the city to participate in Pride 2016, it because clear that our Gay Pride March was raising the bar for the country. This year we’re doing it again by televising the whole thing.The Tri-state area channel, WABC-TV, will broadcast this year’s march and it’s satellite events from 12-3pm (channel 7) with a live stream on abc7ny.com. Among the events connected with Pride to be televised are the Pride Luminaries brunch, PrideFest, the Rally and the Pride Island music festival., which features Tegan and Sara, Years & Years and Patti Labelle.

What’s that? You never heard of the Pride Island Music Festival? That’s because it’s new, and don’t worry, you won’t be forgetting about it anytime soon. It’s a 3-day LGBT cultural experience where you’ll see everything from legendary soul singers to indie pop bands. Friday night will be the first night of three-day event that will see the likes of Tegan and Sara, Years & Years and Patti Labelle taking the stage.

NYC’s LGBT community are an active and integral part of the tapestry that is our city. Every year, from humble beginnings and many obstacles, Gay Pride has marched on, and this year it is further hitting the mainstream by landing on network TV. Bravo! 
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