The 7 Best Sichuan Restaurants in New York City

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The 7 Best Sichuan Restaurants in New York City

If you aren’t clamoring to get your fill of the best Sichuan food in New York there’s something wrong. As the temperature drops in the city, the spice here is exactly what you need.

Chinese food is often lumped together and used as a catch-all phrase. However, fans of Chinese cuisine and particularly intense spicey flavors have helped Sichuan food stand out from the pack.

Believe it or not, Sichuan peppercorns were actually illegal in the city until 2005, as soon as the ban was lifted people started to take note of the unique flavors and spice in Sichuan cuisine. Here is our pick for the seven best Sichuan Restaurants in New York City:

Szechuan House

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If you’re in Flushing this restaurant is an easygoing option whipping up noodles, fried rice & other familiar dishes from the region. 

Savour Sichuan

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  • Where –?108 W 39th St
  • Reviews:
    • Google – 4.1/5
    • Trip Advisor –4/5
    • Yelp – 3.5/5

This two-level bar and restaurant has a vast menu and a well earned positive reputation. Among the ocean of Chinese restaurants in Midtown, this one stands out.

Daxi Sichuan

This upscale Sichuan Restaurant is one of many of the sort in Flushing. The the price may be off-putting, but the decor and ambiance help sell the price tag and the food seals the deal.

Land of Plenty

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  • Where –?204 E 58th St
  • Reviews:
    • Google – 4.2/5
    • Trip Advisor – 4/5
    • Yelp – 3.5/5

This bright, white-tablecloth Sichuan restaurant offers a varied menu and a small bar. Fans of spice should try ANYTHING form the menu with three chilies… thank us later.

Grain House

Though it’s hidden out on the eastern edge of Queens, this restaurant is well worth the trip. If you find yourself in Little Neck, don’t hesitate to head to Grain House.

Little Pepper

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This family-run eateries is on of the best and cheapest Sichuan restaurants in the city. The dishes have a spicy kick and flavor to make the trip to northern Queens well worth it.

Lava Kitchen

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  • Where –?2656 Broadway
  • Reviews:
    • Google – 4.3/5
    • Trip Advisor – 3/5
    • Yelp – 3.5/5

Lava kitchen doesn’t include a whole host of Sichuan dishes, but if you’re a Sichuan aficionado, and this place will easily satisfy your cravings for the delicious spices, oils, and tastes of Sichuan!

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