World’s Largest Rhino Sculpture Comes to Astor Place

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

World’s Largest Rhino Sculpture Comes to Astor Place
Today, the tallest sculpture of rhinos will make it’s way to Astor Place.

At 17-feet tall, “The Last Three” represents the last three Northern White Rhinos. As their Facebook event for the unveiling of the bronze sculpture Thursday (March 15) says:

Gillie and Marc Art have recreated the last three Northern White Rhinos – Sudan, Najin, and Fatu – in a 17-foot bronze sculpture to inspire, educate and mobilize the global community to raise their voices and affect real change against illegal rhino poaching trade.”

The artists hope this installation will inspire people to donate money to the protection of Northern White Rhinos at  Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Gillie shares,

“Our mission is to collect at least 1-million goodbye messages and put them towards a petition for approaching governments about eliminating the demand for rhino horns through education. You can help by leaving a goodbye message for Sudan before he’s gone forever.”

For more information and to donate click here, and/or  share a photo with the hashtag #goodbyerhinos.

Featured image source: Artistic Rendering of Sculpture