You Won’t Believe What New Yorkers Search For Most Often On Google

Nora Barnicle Nora Barnicle

You Won’t Believe What New Yorkers Search For Most Often On Google

Who killed Biggie and is Cornell an Ivy League School? Are these the burning questions that keep you up at night?

If you live in New York State, it’s more than likely that they are. Well, sort of. Researchers over at Estately have used Google Autocomplete to compile hundreds of the most common questions Americans type into their search bars. After running 12 years of such data through Google Trends, results showed the questions each state searched for more frequently than other areas of the country.
The company called the results both “inspiring and depressing.”


Besides Biggie and Cornell, New Yorkers were left with the following doubts:

Am I bisexual? / Am I an alcoholic? / Am I a democrat? / Where my dogs at? / Is Cornell an Ivy League school? / What’s a millennial? / Who killed Biggie? / Who to invade next? / Who unfriended me? / How to meet women? / Who is Banksy? / When is Passover? / Is Mercury in retrograde? / Is wine gluten free? / How to ask for a raise? / Is Hillary Clinton left handed? / Is Bernie Sanders a communist?

Important questions indeed. Honorable mentions from other states include: Which Disney princess am I? (Florida) When is Wrestlemania? (Louisiana) Do cats fart? (Pennsylvania) And what is emo? (Virginia)
Happy searching, America!

Featured image source: [coyotechronicle]

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