You Won’t Believe What Crawled In Through This NYC Man’s Drain

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Man Finds Rat in Toilet NYC

We all experience irrational fears from time to time – even in the comfort of our own homes. You might mistake the whistling wind for a ghost, fear a tarantula could be hiding in the bananas or that a rat might climb up through the toilet. But it’s just silly to be worried about things like that.

Relax Hermione
Well, no; don’t relax. It appears that you should indeed be terrified of rats crawling in through the sewage pipes because that’s what happened to one NYC man (who wants to remain anonymous because, you know, who wants to go a party at that guy’s house) when he noticed a sewer main was leaking into his basement.

The Brooklyn resident told Gothamist: “It smelled like a combination of mud and death.”

He called the plumbing services and was stunned when presented with a dead rat that got stuck in the sewer pipe.

Disgusted webcam
To be fair, the plumber called this a “freak accident”. He believed the rat entered through a vent in the roof and somehow got access to the drainage system.

Still sceptical about the backstage pass NYC rats have to your bathroom? Here’s a video to prove how easily they can work their way in:


Featured cover image: Ask.com

Video via National Geographic

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