Witness The Most Extraordinary Performances In NYC At The Big Apple Circus

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Witness The Most Extraordinary Performances In NYC At The Big Apple Circus

Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up because children and adults alike need to experience the pure and utter magic that is the 41st edition of New York institution, The Big Apple Circus.

The Big Apple Circus has been a part of NYC since 1977, and is bigger and better than ever this year. If you’re able to snag tickets, you’ll be completely dazzled and mystified by the incredible new acts that push the boundaries of what you thought people were capable of doing.

The circus is staying close to its hometown roots with its cast of characters, as the brand-new singing Afro-Latina ringmaster Storm Marrero is a Brooklyn native. And there is so much more wonder to behold!

Meet The Savitsky Cats, who perform incredible cat acrobatics like weaving through ladders, climbing across poles and jumping through hoops.

Big Apple Circus

There’s also the amazing Rafael Ferreira and Alan Pagnota, who perform unbelievable strongman routines by balancing on each other only using their hands. Plus there’s acrobatic horseback riding, a death-defying high-wire act, aerial artists who soar high above the audience with no net underneath them, and a native New Yorker who can juggle with open umbrellas.

The world-renowned circus is known for its intimate one-ring format, and is always looking to revitalize classic acts with unique and astounding human feats, innovative design and technology. So, what are you waiting for?!

Buy tickets to experience the extraordinary at the Big Apple Circus here!

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Now through February 2, 2020
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