A Winter Storm Warning Has Been Issued For Today, Sunday February 10

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Looks like our old friend, the Polar Vortex is at it again: a severe winter storm warning has been issued for today, Sunday, February 10.

This weekend, the NYC Department of Sanitation put out an alert about an impending snowstorm, set to hit the city this evening around 6 pm.

A “code blue” alert was also issued by NYC’s Homeless Services. This type of alert is reserved for situations where the city is hit by an ice storm, freezing rain or more than 6 inches of snow.

This evening will definitely be a cold one and authorities are suggesting that you get indoors by 4 pm. The Department of Sanitation, the  Office of Emergency Management and the Department of Transportation will be working to put down salt and keep the roads clear this evening and into tomorrow morning. The storm may continue into Monday and early Tuesday. 

Featured image: @bushwickblues  via Instagram