Wine-Down With This ‘Drunk Yoga’ Rooftop Class and Vino Happy Hour

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Wine-Down With This ‘Drunk Yoga’ Rooftop Class and Vino Happy Hour

Some may say that drinking as you do yoga defeats the purpose of it, but others say it can help you relax your body—especially if it’s your first time.

A while back, yoga instructor Eli Walker decided to open up a “Drunk Yoga” series to help beginning yogis relax with the idea that your body will become more flexible with some liquid courage, making it easier to bend into some of the challenging yoga positions.

Now, the class is taking its moves (and the vino) up to the rooftop every Thursday…because summer, duh!

The class is a low intensity Vinyasa, so all are welcome to join regardless of experience level. It begins with a 30-minute happy hour where wine will be flowing, music will be playing, and mingling will be happening. At the end of the happy hour, your instructor will bring everyone to their mats (which you’ll have to bring yourself) for a 45-minute yoga class…but don’t forget to bring that glass of wine with you to the mat! You’ll need it for those poses, and to increase flexibility of course. The class will then end with a 15-minute “wine-down.”

Take in those gorgeous city views from Our Wicked Lady’s rooftop as you sip and stretch. There’s really no better way to end—or start—your day.

Sign up for a Drunk Yoga Rooftop class here!
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