Celebrate Valentine’s Day For Free When You Enter This Amazing NYC Instagram Giveaway

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Celebrate Valentine’s Day For Free When You Enter This Amazing NYC Instagram Giveaway

Everyone has a slightly different way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, from hanging with gal pals to snuggling up with their one true love.

And no matter who you’re celebrating with, you have to make it work for your own personal love language. Are you a sucker for romance? Or more into unconventional dates? Or is food your true passion?

This year for Valentine’s Day (or Singles Day, whatever you want it to be!), Fever is inviting you to share your perfect plan with whoever you want.

First up, are you an Alternative Lover, down for a little adventure? Then this Snow Tubing and Brewery Tour is perfect for you and your special someone!

You can slip and slide your way down the snowy hills at Mountain Creek in New Jersey for a whole two hours, and there’s a bonfire you can warm up to at the bottom. Afterwards, you’ll be brought by coach bus to a local brewery to sample brews and enjoy a sit-down dinner.

Or are you a Foodie Lover, who can’t wait to go out for their next meal? Then enter for this award-winning ramen dinner and sake tasting for two!

Shinka Ramen and Sake won the 2018 JapanFes Ramen Contest for the best ramen in NYC. You can try the winning dish, the Bone Marrow Wagyu Brisket Ramen or another soup of your choosing, along with a flight of Sake or Shochu to share during this delicious night-out in the city.

Or, last but not least, are you more of a Classic Lover? If so, the Premier 57 Spa Day may be the ideal gift for rest and relaxation.

Premier57 is a luxury sauna bathhouse right in the heart of Midtown. With this special day pass, enjoy everything the spa has to offer including hot tubs, aquatherapy, healing zones and the special themed saunas (like Gold, Loess Soil, Himalayan Salt, and Ice Igloo!).

So, what kind of #FeverLover are you? Alternative, Foodie or Classic? Decide and enter now on Instagram!

featured image source: Shutterstock

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