Will Saturday’s “Dump Trump” March Stop Donald Trump From Winning The Republican Nomination?

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

Will Saturday’s “Dump Trump” March Stop Donald Trump From Winning The Republican Nomination?

The artist Hansky, who’s responsible for the graffiti portrait we love so much that depicts Donald Trump as a pile of poop, organized a march through midtown Saturday as part of his #DumpAcrossAmerica movement. The goal of the protest: Dump Trump.

The protestors all wore white jump suits with the famous poo portrait on the back of them, and carried huge signs and banners with the same image. Hundreds of New Yorkers cheered them on as they passed.

We came. We dumped. We conquered. #dumpacrossamerica

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The question is, though: Will it make a difference?

A candidate needs to get 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination. Donald Trump currently has 460, and there are 1,401 still available, so any of the other three remaining candidates could conceivably catch up. However, Trump is currently leading the polls in Florida (Marco Rubio’s home state), Illinois, and North Carolina, three of the next four states to vote. And Trump supporters are difficult to sway.

Although yesterday’s rally garnered mostly cheers of support from spectators, there were a few vocal Trump supporters. Gothamist reported that one man shouted, “Trump for president! You people have no idea what’s going on!”

According to this interactive map of donors in New York City, Donald Trump is not getting very much support in the metropolis, although he is leading the Republican race for New York state, in what few polls have been conducted so far.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that Donald Trump’s supporters are just as stubborn as Donald Trump. So the Dump Trump protest is either preaching to the choir, or attempting to convert supporters who say that unless Donald Trump shoots their grandchildren in the street, nothing will stop them from voting for him.

The poop portraits are delightful. But it seems they’re unlikely to change anything.


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