Why you need SurfYogaBeer, and its NYC summer events, in your life right now

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Why you need SurfYogaBeer, and its NYC summer events, in your life right now

With a name that sounds like the coolest game of “word association” EVER, SurfYogaBeer is the exact cure for NYC’s hustle and stress. Here’s everything you need to know.

If you’re in NYC reading this right now, as I am writing it, then you recognize that little ball of stress that quasi-permanently lives in the pit of your stomach. It’s fed by train delays, slow moving pedestrians, and extortionate rent… SurfYogaBeer is the cure for that.

SurfYogaBeer (SYB for those in the know) started back in 2014 as a group of fun-loving friends that wanted to create custom fitness and adventure excursions that balanced exercise, finding zen, and indulging in the fun side of life. Since then it has exploded into events all around the city (and the west coast) and group trips to exotic destinations like Hawaii, Belize, Italy and Costa Rica… for what purpose? To help you become the best version of yourself. Pretty sweet, right?

Why the name? Well, in their own words:

“We chose Surf-Yoga-Beer because they’re three things we love, but there’s a whole lot more to us than that. For example, we also love tacos and running, salsa dancing and sailing, hiking and cliff jumping, and the list goes on […]  we’re a group of friends (often new friends, always great friends) who believe that being active together is the best way to feel more alive.”

They run two types of events: Retreats to incredible foreign places, and local fitness mini-retreats around New York City. Their instructors and trainers open the doors for you to achieve things you didn’t know you could do, and it all happens  in an environment that feels like a sleepaway camp for adults, think more “school recess” than “gym class.” They foster a culture of balance and a community of fun, sweaty, beer-loving people!

Don’t take our word for it, check them out for yourselves. This summer they have a wholñe slew of events going on around the city. Whether it’s their “Rooftop Yoga” and “Booty Camp” or their “Run Club” (that ends at a bar, of course) SYB is exactly what you need right now.

If you’re looking for a recommendation from their long list of activities, we’d bet on their “Surf Club”. They provide transportation to and from Union Square NYC to Rockaway Beach (they’ll even provide your board and some swag), once there you’ll be in the beach boot camp and surfing lesson that is actually taught by SurfYogaBeer founder Mantas Zvinas. After fun in the sea and sand you get access to Rockaway Beach Surf Club for post-surfing food and drinks.

If you like the idea of workouts being fun, not torture, if you like surf, yoga OR beer, if you want to be in a positive atmosphere and meet great people. You need SurfYogaBeer.

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