The Whitney Biennial Returns Today With The Latest In Contemporary Art


The Whitney Biennial Returns Today With The Latest In Contemporary Art
Art lovers! You know we love updating you all on the latest within NYC’s art scene and today is no exception. The Whitney Biennial is back in full swing and will be running throughout summer until September.

The 2019 edition, organised by curators Jane Panetta and Rujeko Hockley, features seventy-five contemporary artists showcasing their paintings, sculptures, installations, films, photography and more. The past two months have been particularly saturated with new art shows popping up left and right. The Biennial, being around since 1932, is the longest-running survey of American art and the Whitney museum’s most iconic event. The structure of this art show, having been the same since 1973, gets put together every two years and highlights work from various media categories.

Each biennial also has its own catalogue which documents the changes within the cultural, social and political landscapes that allowed for the current trends in contemporary art within the USA. Inside you’ll find detailed information on the artistic process of every creator in this year’s biennial, personal essays by the curators on the chosen themes and much more that you won’t hear anywhere else. You can get your copy here.

Tickets start at $25, buy yours here. 

Dates: May 17th – September 22nd

Address: 99 Gansevoort Street

featured image: instagram.com/lusolano_