Chaos Ensues As A Wheelchair Bound Woman Smokes A “Blunt” On The Subway

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Chaos Ensues As A Wheelchair Bound Woman Smokes A “Blunt” On The Subway

What is this? Strange behavior in New York? Surely this is the first time something weird has happened on the NYC Subway. If you were reading that with a pinch of sarcasm you’d be right to do so. There’s a reason people know the phrase “only in New York” the world over.

When a cellphone video of a wheelchair-bound woman, allegedly smoking a “blunt” on the subway, was uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday it quickly went viral.

The video was originally uploaded by Instagrammer liamweatherup, but it didn’t reach virality until it was shared by World Star Hip Hop. By late morning on Wednesday the video had already passed the 600k mark, and at the time we are writing this, it currently stands at 1,136,779 views on World Star Hip Hop’s account.

The drama ensued when a young man starts arguing with the woman, making physical threats, then later she can be seen on the floor having been thrown to the platform. It is unclear if the man hurling abuse at the woman was the one responsable.

Whereas smoking on a train is a real d*ck move, the internet seems to side with the wheelchair bound-woman on this one. There is no excuse for anyone to be treated with such disdain and disrespect.

…but that’s just our opinion, check it out for yourself and let us know!

Only in New York City ??????????????

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