Here’s What NYC Can Expect from Hurricane Jose

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Here’s What NYC Can Expect from Hurricane Jose

We can’t be 100% sure yet if Hurricane Jose will make landfall in the United States, but one thing IS for sure, we CAN expect torrential rain and flooding along the east coast. Here’s what we can expect in NYC.

The East Coast will batton down the hatches and prepare for some extreme weather courtesy of Hurricane Jose. Whereas NYC will likely not see the worst of the rain and flooding, we can expect two days of heavy wind and rain.

The downpour is expected to start here in the city on Tuesday Morning, followed by an inch of rain and winds of up to 50 mph on Wednesday.

Alarm bells sounded when Jose was upgraded from tropical storm to a Category 1 hurricane on Friday, and over the weekend, Long Islanders were warned of flooding. The tweet, from the New York arm of the National Weather Service, also highlights particular danger on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Be careful out there. Though it’s likely the eye of the storm will miss New York and New Jersey, it could still come close enough to bring rip currents, torrential rainfall and extreme wind to Jersey and Long Island Tomorrow and Wednesday.

Featured image source [Flickr | Patrick McFall]

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