Watch A Racist Get Kicked Off Of The L Train By Straphangers

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Watch A Racist Get Kicked Off Of The L Train By Straphangers

A self professed “Lawyer” was caught on video shouting racist slurs on the L train this weekend. He quickly met some social justice as he is forcibly booted off the train. Watch it here.

That tried and true phrase, “only in New York” needs an L-Train edition… Maybe something like “only in New York, and probably on the L.”

If you read our comments on Facebook, you’re no stranger to NY-trolls. Occasionally they step out of the relative safety of comments sections and show their true faces in public. This is certainly the case here. A man, referring to himself as a graduate of NYU Law School, was caught on video screaming the N-word on the Brooklyn-bound L train. Some fellow strap hangers forcibly removed him from the train and soaked him with a cup of soup.

The racist slurs were challenged by fellow train riders, prompting the man to defend his comments by saying:

 “I talk shit because I know I can, because I’m a lawyer. I went to NYU law. Fuck you!”

The tirade continues on unabated before he is directly confronted by a group of straphangers who force him off of the train at the Bedford Avenue stop and a woman tosses a cup of soup at him (at 1:47 in the attached video).

Things did get dangerous. Sadly, one strap hanger seems to have thrown a glass bottle at the troll. The bottle didn’t hit the man, but it does seem to have been a near miss, the glass can be heard smashing (around the 2:19 mark in the video) on the platform.

Check out the scene play out below:


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