Watch an NYPD Officer Propose on the NY Marathon Finish Line

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Watch an NYPD Officer Propose on the NY Marathon Finish Line
When one pair of NYPD officers crossed the finish line on Sunday, one of them was in for a big surprise and it came in the shape of a marriage proposal. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this.

If you’re anything like us, upon finishing a marathon, the only thing you’d be looking forward to is a long shower/bath, about 48 hours of laying down, and a pizza the size of a coffee table. That wasn’t the plan for Officer Ramos of the NYPD though, his mind was focussed on only one thing; his running mate, NYPD officer Nemtzov.

The two NYPD officers ran the race together, once they crossed the finish line, Officer Ramos got down on one knee and proposed to Officer Nemtzov.

The marathon official facebook page got in on the action and posted this video of the proposal:

Judging by officer Officer Nemtzov’s reaction, we can assume she said “yes.” If there was any doubt, the confirmation came from a congratulatory tweet from the NYPD:

Love was in the air at this year’s Marathon. The question is, do you love anyone enough to run 26.2-miles to propose? …oh yeah, and where the hell did he keep the ring while he was running?

Featured image source [NYPD | Twitter]

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