Watch This NYC Woman Hulk Out On Bystanders After Crashing Into A Gas Station Window

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35th (15)

This could be the most “New York” thing you’ll see today. An angry motorist, a traffic incident, a convenience store and of course people recording it all on their cameras.

The viral video shows a woman who seems to have driven into a gas station/convenience store window in NYC, she exits the vehicle, then angrily chases down two passers by that caught the aftermath on their cellphone camera. “How about this? I come and kick the phone out of your hand now, dude?” She shouts as she makes her way towards the people filming her.

The original video was uploaded on Tuesday and currently stands at almost 900K views and though nobody was hurt in the crash, but that didn’t stop the driver from trying to take that casualty number up by two. Check out the video below:

Featured image source [YouTube]

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