Watch This Latina Woman Defend A Muslim Couple Being Verbally Attacked On The NYC subway

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35th (16)

With racial tensions at an all time high in the city, videos like this serve to remind us all that there is love in this multicultural city of ours.

When this video was posted to Facebook last week, Tracey Tong, the 23 year old NYer defending the couple in the video, became an instant hero in the eyes of may of our city’s residents.

The incident took place on E-line train where one older lady, identifying herself as Latina, was engaging a Muslim couple in what appeared to be a racially fueled verbal attack. “Why are you here?” she asks the couple on the packed train. “Why are you in this country if you’re not with us?”

Ms. Tong to the rescue of the Muslim couple, pleading the older lady to be more respectful in both English and Spanish. Watch the full scene play out, then be filled with pride for this amazing young woman:

Featured image source [Facebook]

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