Watch a “Cat Burglar” Literally Burgle a Cat From a NYC Bodega

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Watch a “Cat Burglar” Literally Burgle a Cat From a NYC Bodega

Do you recognize this cat-napper? Someone should have told this lady that “Cat Burglar” is just a name. Here’s a video of the woman stealing a kitten from a Bodega in Brooklyn, maybe you could help identify the thief.

Few things are sacred anymore. We remember the days when it was considered a social faux-pas to talk on your cell on public transport, nowadays you’re lucky if there isn’t someone playing infuriating EDM aloud with no headphones. One thing does remain sacred in this crazy city though, and that’s the sanctity of our beloved bodega cats. So when we hear of a kitty in a predicament, we take it seriously.

A two-month-old kitten was stolen from the Moon Mini Mart bodega in Kensington, Brooklyn, on the evening of Sunday, September 3rd.

In the video below you can see the little cat, named Takela, being picked up and forcibly wrapped in a jacket by a bespectacled dark haired woman before she leaves the shop, kitten in hand. Do you recognize the thief? Take a look at the footage:

The shop owner told BrooklynPaper an hour before Takela was catnapped an unidentified man had offered him $50 for the kitten.

Can you identify the thief? Do you know the identity of the man who offered to buy the cat? …more importantly, can you help get Takela, the two-month-old kitty back to her co-workers at Moon Mini Mart in Kensington? Get in touch with his owner, Mir Kasham, at 701 Church Ave. between E. Seventh and E. Eighth streets.

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